Transmission tune-ups and repair

Your check engine light is not something to ignore. The light is there to warn you something is wrong and needs to be checked. Sometimes it is as simple as a loose or crooked gas cap. Or it could be a malfunction in the fuel injection or even exhaust. It will need to be checked and reset. One thing you don’t want to do it drive your car if that light is flashing. If it’s just on, you can drive it to us and we will check what the cause is and give you an estimate while you wait.

The check engine light is a great car saver as it monitors all the engine systems at once, alerting you of a problem you didn’t know you had. Early detection is best.

Reputation for professionalism

Our European auto repair experts have a fantastic reputation for their quality work in Audi and BMW repair. They are also recognized for their dependable Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen repairs.

Transmission services

  • – Transmission repair or replacement
  • – Clutch and differentials
  • – Flywheels and transmission diagnostics
  • – 4×4, manual, and automatic

Friendly and welcoming staff

We’re passionate about European automobiles and we promise to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. To help keep our promise, we offer services in brakes, maintenance, AC/Heat repair, and diagnostics.