Make sure your brakes are in pristine condition

German cars are known for their quality craftsmanship and superior handling when traveling at high speeds. But almost more important than your car’s potential for speed is its ability to slow down and come to a complete stop. That’s where the importance of properly functioning brakes comes in. Brake parts are essential to motoring safety and must be replaced when they become worn.

At European MotorSports we Pride ourselves in being German car brake experts. We know it takes quality parts to make high-performance German cars safe. That’s why we only use OEM parts, they work well and in an emergency, you can depend on them.


Brake services

– Brake pad & rotor replacement
– Brake fluid flushing
– Brake caliper repairs
– Brake booster repairs
– Brake hydraulic system repairs
– Brake warning light repairs
– Brake lights
– ABS repairs


We cover a wide range of services

Whether your European vehicle needs a new set of brakes, a new transmission, an annual oil change, or a new AC unit, we are trained and ready to help you out. We also do diagnostics and electrical repairs.