“Simple AMAZING!!!

I used to take my Audi A3 here for anything I couldn’t do myself. I lucked out in finding this place. I used to drive up from San Diego, and then later down from LA when I moved, just to get my car serviced here. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t overpriced either. You can tell it’s a good place just by walking into the shop… It is IMMACULATE to say the least. Joe runs a tight shop and you can definitely feel and see the difference. I’ve walked into so many nightmare shops where there is car grease and dust everywhere and nothing seems to have its place. Unfortunately I do not own my Audi anymore but I wish I did for the assurance of knowing where I would go to get all my maintenance needs.

Joe(owner) and Cameron are very knowledgeable and friendly. They let you know what your car needs, and don’t pressure you to fix things that aren’t absolute necessities unless you want them to (Good maintenance goes a long way). I really don’t have anything bad to say about this place. I never even had close to a bad experience and I would call myself a fairly particular person.

They appreciated my military service and would take care of me within reason where they could. I’ve had other places laugh at me just for asking if they took care of military at all.

If you own a European car and want/need a place to rely on to keep it running smooth on the road, it would be a bad idea to go anywhere but here I promise you.

One note is that they are very busy because they are a good shop, so if it’s a regular maintenance type of need it’s best to call ahead and schedule an appointment with good advance.

Additional note: One time they under quoted me for a price on a job, and when they realized they had they didn’t hassle me at all or tell me I needed to pay what they should have quoted me. They didn’t even blink, they just said well that’s what we quoted you. I don’t know a single other shop that would handle the same situation that way and not give you a hard time.”
-Thomas L.,
San Diego, CA

“This is one of the best automotive experiences I have ever had. The gentlemen that I dealt with at the shop were extremely friendly & professional.

I called first to discuss an oil pressure warning light that flashed during my drive to work in my VW. Cameron was extremely helpful & put my concerns at ease. A few minutes later I brought my car in to be inspected & then we would decide what the best plan of action would be in terms of repairs. He found that the previous shop I was getting my oil changes at, were under filling because of a broken dipstick. They ordered the parts, replaced them, changed my oil, replaced some seals, and fixed an upside down part that was again, installed incorrectly at the other shop.

I picked my car up in the afternoon & the car has been running so much better than it has in quite some time. It was so refreshing to be spoken to with respect – since I am rather ignorant when it comes to cars, I tend to feel like a lot of shops try and oversell or just down right speak to me like I am stupid. Going forward, this will be first choice shop for all my automotive needs.”

Thanks guys!
-Sarah S.,
Oceanside, CA

“Cameron is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I was having transmission issues on my BMW X3 that I had just bought used from a dealer in Orange County. He ran the diagnostics on it for FREE!!!!! Everyone else I called wanted $125-180 for the 4 min. test. It came back with just a gas cap issue and that I misread the light on the dash. I’m an idiot!!!! Cameron ordered the new gas cap for me, and I will see him tomorrow and whenever I have any other issues with my new BMW. This shop earned a customer for life.”
-Matt M.,
Oceanside, CA

“Joe and his team are always available to ask questions, give honest answers, and extremely fair prices. They have taken care of our cars , including our kid’s cars and we have the utmost trust in their work and prices.

Thanks Joe!”
– Michelle T.,
San Diego, CA

European Motorsports, Vista CA-Audi Repair, BMW Repair, Mercedes Repair, Volkswagen Repair and Porsche Repair- Go there!
Josh C.
Vista, CA

Was really impressed with the way they handled my questions, very straightforward and honest. Will definitely bring my car back and recommend European to all my friends.
on 7/29/2014 for an auto service of their Volkswagen

European Motorsports – Very professional business. Great job!
Andy G.
Oceanside, CA

Excellent Mechanical and Technical Services at a Fair Price Outstanding Customer Service
on 4/16/2014 for an auto service

Friendly, fair pricing, honest and knowledgeable
Mike B. on 4/3/2014 for an auto service of their Porsche

European Motorsports-Went there for my Mercedes Repair – Highly Recommend!
Jared W.
Vista, CA

I was very happy with the experience at European Motorsports. Everything was communicated to me clearly with no confusion, the service was done with care and attention to detail with my car, and I was even given a ride to work when I dropped it off. I will recommend to friends.
on 4/1/2014 for an auto repair of their Volkswagen

Honest and efficient
Steven Von K.

Go see Joe! Honest work and keeps a real clean shop.
on 3/24/2014 for an auto service

European Motorsports – Outstanding!
Randy H.
Poway, CA

Very knowledgeable and excellent service!
on 3/14/2014 for an auto service of their BMW

I come from Carlsbad to see Joe at European Motorsports because of his excellent service and honest pricing and practices. Total trust and excellent service!
Richard M.